About Us


We are Satellite Cafe, a not-for-profit vegan cafe found on Tregoniggie Industrial Estate, Falmouth. An industrial estate may not be an obvious location for a vegan cafe, but after viewing the premises back in summer 2018 we knew we could do great things with the place.

We were looking for somewhere a bit different, somewhere with outside space, room for events, and the potential to challenge us by making sure we make food that impresses everyone, not just vegans. We also love being right beside Tregoniggie Woods.

As well as cooking up delicious and exciting seasonal dishes, we are firmly dedicated to making Satellite Cafe a community hub. We will be putting on regular talks, film-screenings, gigs, markets, and more, as well as being available for group meetings, homework clubs, or simply being somewhere for people to grab a coffee and relax.

Satellite Cafe is currently going to be running as a pop-up, in the respect that while we will be open 5 days a week, we currently only have a one year lease on the building. Never-the-less we are treating this project seriously, as evidenced by the time we have put in to decorating the cafe. This is a long-term project for us. Our dream is that within a year we will become an established and well-loved part of the local community, allowing us to move on to a (perhaps bigger and better) premises at the end of our lease. This is where we need you! If like us, you’d love for Falmouth to have a cosy, welcoming and fairly-priced cafe serving delicious and ethical food then come and check us out. Your support will help us to thrive and become a permanent part of the local food scene.

Not-for-Profit Worker’s Co-op

We are proud to be a worker’s cooperative. This means that the staff at Satellite Cafe are also the owners, or cooperative members. Each co-op member has an equal say in the decision making process, meaning that the direction the cafe takes is controlled equally amongst those that run it. Worker’s co-ops are one way of helping to support worker’s rights and provide meaningful and secure employment. We also pay the real living wage.

As a not-for-profit organisation, any surplus profit goes directly back in to the company, to be used to make improvements or support carefully selected environmental causes.

Why Vegan?

At a time when the news is full of fear-inducing reports about the environment it is easy to feel overwhelmed, or that there is little point in trying to stop the impending apocalypse! We wanted to do something that made us feel positive about the future, (and which filled people with tasty food at the same time). Our entire menu is 100% vegan-friendly, and we are dedicated to trading in a way which has minimal impact on the environment.  While many corporate companies are paying lip service to environmental causes, Satellite Cafe has written a personal manifesto with which to help guide all of our choices as a business, in order to remain true to our environmental roots.

We will always support ethical growers, suppliers and other like-minded ventures. We use fair trade, direct trade, organic and local products wherever possible and take measures to ensure we are creating minimal food and plastic waste.

If you would like to view our manifesto please click here.